What Can Bison Recovery Do For You?

A Thorough Review Of Our Services

Our Mission Statement

Providing our customers with unparallel service while maintaining compliance and integrity in an ever changing industry.

What We Do

Bison Recovery Group is a full service collection agency that provides exceptional results while maintaining 100% compliance. Bison Recovery Group is dedicated to exceeding the industry standards in compliance, building and maintaining customer relationships training and development. We believe mastering these areas will be the driving forces behind tier best performance. Some of the markets we specialize in are:

  • Pre-Charge off/Post Charge off Credit Card
  • Pre-Charge off/Post Charge off DDA
  • Pre-Charge off/Post Charge off Retail
  • Pre-Charge off/Post Charge off Medical
  • Pre-Charge off/Post Charge off Leasing

Our Committment to Compliance

Bison Recovery Group, Inc. is committed to providing every customer with exceptional service. We understand every situation is different and we create customized solutions to assist our customers. Every associate at BRG is fully trained and certified in aspects of the collection industry including FDCPA, UDAAP, HIPAA and ADA. If you have an issue you would like us to address, please visit our resolution center.